Be my valentine

James and Annette Stauffer - January 25, 2016
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In my personal life last year of 2015 had some traumatic events unfold. I guess it gets to a point where we take every day as it comes and do the best we can. The list of things to get accomplished is there, and we take the most prioritized item first and hope to get to the rest. Finally new years eve arrived and 2015 faded into history, good, bad, or indifferent, 2015 was over. A short window of opportunity suddenly came open and I took my family to a quick vacation spot and enjoyed, among many other things, a hot tub in the outdoors. In the midst of the rising steam and bubbles I recalled the dream-like events of 2015, and was so glad to look forward to 2016.

First on the list is preparations for Valentine’s Day. I am very excited to make people happy with their family and loved ones. There will be candies, balloons, stuffed animals, silks/permanent pieces, plants, and of course roses. Being that it is on a Sunday we will be open all day and ready to deliver on the other days preceding. Rochelle is busy putting items in place and I am ordering products to serve everyone. Hopefully everyone will remember their loved one in 2016, whether it be the large mixed bouquet or with a single rose.

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