Beginning of December

James and Annette Stauffer - December 2, 2015
Posted in Christmas | Greenhouse operations

This first week of December usually is busy with many shipments of poinsettias to all areas.  The truth is that already we have shipped out the same amount if not more as a pre-finished plant.  This means that there are other greenhouses or places that will buy poinsettias back in September and October that we have already started in July.  They will then finish the growing process and sell them in their markets and stores.  It sure is fun for me to see all the plants find their home somewhere either close to home or in far away counties.

Most of the plants have turned their color now and have gotten past the funny looking stage where they are not green but not colored completely yet.  There still is a few varieties that are not done because they are genetically programmed to be late.  The new one for this year is Christmas punch.  I tried it because it fills a new color void and now I get to see if the plant is truly hardy.  It looks like a good one so far , so it will be one that I will grow for next year.

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