Christmas presents

So , most everyone will participate in a Christmas gathering of some sort.  Exchanging of gifts, a wonderful meal, being surrounded by our family is always nice.  Its amazing to see how life changes as we grow up and see the years go by.... the reaction to these events , seeing the end of one year, [...]

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Beginning of December

This first week of December usually is busy with many shipments of poinsettias to all areas.  The truth is that already we have shipped out the same amount if not more as a pre-finished plant.  This means that there are other greenhouses or places that will buy poinsettias back in September and October that we have [...]

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A Sunday in March

Sundays show the closed sign on the door of the greenhouse, but we are always busy tending to the care of the plants at various times.  Feel free to call and if we are near the phone we will help you.  Late April through May the garden center will be open on Sundays.  We also [...]

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