Christmas greens

James and Annette Stauffer - December 6, 2015
Posted in Christmas | Greenhouse operations | Indoor decorating

It can be very difficult to know how much product to bring in or produce at the various holidays.  This year it looks like we are pretty close on the correct greens such as wreaths and garland and trees.  I didn’t know that 3 new people were going to set up tree stands this year.  It is nice that we are able to keep our trees inside in water buckets to help keep them hydrated until they go outside or into someone’s home.  The garland has been popular again this year also.  We also have the fancy mixed garland yet, but it is going to be sold out soon I think.

We also have carried for many years the inside garland called cedar.  The properties of cedar evergreen allows the leaves to not fall as easily or get dried out as fast, allowing it to give the fresh evergreen smell with out the mess.  It is a bit more expensive, but worth it in terms of vacuum cleaner hours.  And how can you replace actual evergreens in the house with the can of fake spray smell?

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