Christmas presents

James and Annette Stauffer - December 25, 2015
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So , most everyone will participate in a Christmas gathering of some sort.  Exchanging of gifts, a wonderful meal, being surrounded by our family is always nice.  Its amazing to see how life changes as we grow up and see the years go by…. the reaction to these events , seeing the end of one year, and the beginning of the next.  What’s in front of us?  What happened as we look back?  I know one thing, I’m tired out from the  rush of this season.

But the preparations are already made for the next season.  As the shipments were being sent out of all the beautiful poinsettias, fertilizer was being applied to the Easter lilies.  Also lime was added to help prevent leaf scorch.  And finally a fungicide drench was given to help keep the roots healthy and growing.  The fungicide is important to make a plant be just that much healthier and better.  So much stress can be eliminated by making a healthy root system.  And they can grow and make green leaves with the nutrients they are fed.  Just as we are fed with our great meals.  So, because Easter is a little on the early side, the race is on to keep enough constant heat on them so they can be on time for blooming.  The poinsettias made it, so I am hopeful the lilies can make it also.

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