Easter Lilies

James and Annette Stauffer - March 13, 2015
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Just a few weeks before Easter is the time a greenhouse guy is really watching the lilies to see that their progress is on track.  I have a used a lily bud stick since the beginning to gauge their growth rate.  It is very accurate and i adjust temperature as necessary to keep them on time.  This years crop shows on time, and a good bud count average of 8 per plant. 

The lily bud stick I use came from the Norman Yock family in Oregon a couple of decades ago.  They had the Oregon Lily Co.  A wonderful family and dedicated to the greenhouse industry.  I once called the phone number at about 2 am because i was up watching the boilers and keeping everything alive.  Just wanted to leave a message on their machine about how Iwas pleased about the lilies for that year.  His wife answered and we talked for almost an hour about many aspects of the the business we are in.  Of course I was extremely embarrased, but it was good to relate our thoughts to each other about how we care for these plants.

Last night I had boiler troubles and lost both by morning.  But one is fixed today, and the backup will be ready next week.  Alas, I cannot call the Yocks and discuss these things in the middle of the night.  The Oregon Lily Co is closed to lily production for good.  But dont worry, I am still watching the plants to make sure they are ready by April 1st!

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