January brings new hope

James and Annette Stauffer - January 14, 2016
Posted in Easter | General Development | Greenhouse operations

So Christmas has come to a close, the trees are finding their places outside of the home, the lights are off, and the deep cold of January is striking at us with the below zero temperatures. The busy rush of the holidays seemed like such a blur with trying to visit all of the family and spend quality time with everyone. November and December was a nice treat with the mild temperatures and now it seems like a reality check with minus 20 degrees knocking on my glass doors.

My first little blurp of boiler trouble has struck, but was easily overcome at 2 in the AM. The days are getting a little noticeably longer now. And what is really refreshing is seeing the all of the new cuttings arriving to be rooted in the greenhouse. It always amazes me to think of the cold, deadly air just a few feet from these tiny little creatures now developing roots and new leaves in promise of time when there is no frost coming up in just a few months. The lilies are now inches high. Showing green leaves and uptaking any and all nutrients that are given to them. This is the time that I put on good amounts of fertilizer and lime to make sure they can put on the growth for future flowers. I was able to walk through the greenhouses just a few days ago with a visitor and show off these little wonders. It is always fun for me to walk with visitors and show them the promise of new spring when outside is so winter obvious.

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