Lights in the dark of December

James and Annette Stauffer - December 3, 2019
Posted in Christmas | Easter | Greenhouse operations | Mums

So now that December is in full swing it is time to have the pretty lights on outside at night.  Timers are so necessary to turn them on and off.  To me it saves electricity in the middle of the night when only a few people are out and about like crazy greenhouse guys delivering wreaths and spruce top planters to cemeteries.  If it were not for the timer, the lights would be forgotten to be unplugged or plugged in at the correct time.

The lights on the inside are much more boring but a lot more important.  Right now I have lights on the potted indoor mum plants that are scheduled for valentines day.  These lights turn on at night to create a false sense of day for them.  This makes them grow new leaves and branches.  When they have reached the correct size and the correct day on the calendar, they are moved to a greenhouse where they receive the natural day and night darkness.  This allows them to make the flowers.  A new batch of planted mums then will go under the lights to grow vegetatively for Easter.

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