Weasels and Fuschias

James and Annette Stauffer - January 23, 2016
Posted in Greenhouse operations | Hanging baskets | How-to

Every once and a while a new creature comes to visit the greenhouse. During the first part of January a white weasel began helping eradicate the mice around here. He was a beautiful animal with beady, black, inquisitive little eyes. The tip of the tail was a blop of black and he was very graceful in movement. The only problem was he also wanted to feast on Rochelle’s rabbit. So we battled with the broom and he seemed to get the message to find snowier places to hunt. Its possible he might be back in March with a friend just before they begin making more weasels.

The first part of January also signals its time to work on fuschia hanging baskets. They were planted back in November and have now gotten some growth on them. We make pinches on their new shoots to make them branch out better. The little pinches can be stuck in the soil of the basket to make it fuller also. Then we give them a boost of slow release fertilizer along with some granule insecticide. In a few weeks they will get pinched again and then hung up in their places to finish growing for spring. The fuschias can be a very beautiful draping basket meant for shady areas during the summer. There are many pretty colors but dark eyes seems to be the most popular yet. After the flowers are done, just pick off the seed pod that wants to develop and it will branch out and make more flowers. They seem to like their feedings, so keep up on the fertilizer treatments. The slow release fertilizer is helpful for this during summer.

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